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Frequently Asked Questions

How did I get selected?

We make many calls with a respectful smile during business hours only. If we discover you meet our current client’s profile of potential consumer we will qualify you for a fun, free sampling session of your favorite high-end products.


Where did you get my data?

We simply sponsor shopping sites. We are not permitted to receive confidential information on purchases or finances. But brief contact details are permitted for sponsors with licensed or audited offers as long as they guarantee no cost or obligation, it’s a nice benefit.  


What do you want from me?

Promotions are designed to encourage your business. Sampling is the best way in the market to do this. Because “we buy what we like” our clients use some of their advertising budgets to reward the public for 

sampling their products and services. Enjoy. 


It’s too good to be true to get gifts for free?

Is it too good to be true to receive adverts for free? Of course not. We simply use our client’s ad budgets they spend anyway. By cutting out the social media or television middle man we can afford to give genuine, high value awards for those trying our client’s products. Customers get gifts for their time instead of advertisements and our clients sales rocket after sampling events. Whose products do you favor? Those that annoy you for five seconds on YouTube or those that give you a trendy beach vacation at the Hilton?


How can you afford to give high value gifts?

We bulk buy at trade price and block book corporate rates well in advance with a portion of our clients advertising budget long before the event. That way guests can claim prizes that would cost many thousands of Ringgits purchased one at a time.

Maxis give a RM 3,000 phone for RM1. Just the same, bulk buying with ad budgets gives customers high value gifts and gains future business too. Everyone is happy! 


How do I know you’re not a scam company?

As a market leader we are transparent with all offers. But we appreciate it may be hard to tell scams from real offers. But real offers are easy to see. We have our giveaway’s independently audited. CLICK here to see proof. 

Promotions are an established part of many genuine nationwide companies and is something to be welcomed not feared.

Do you check out the companies you advertise first?

Absolutely! All companies must be registered and either licensed or regulated before we will promote them (if appropriate). Their advertising budget is given in advance, awards purchased in advanced and then the offer checked and audited by an independent. You may ask for proof of this if you are included in an event.  


Do I have to buy anything?

All events are independently audited and guaranteed to be held without cost or obligation to any attendee or visitor. CLICK here for proof.

Do I get my rewards / gifts immediately?

Yes. If you are offered what the industry calls a, “hard gift” we will ensure you receive your item after you have sampled our client’s products with our thanks and without delay.

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